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My continuing efforts to serve as a First Sergeant (Top) in the Army of God.
My latest interest is in Letterboxing.

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20 Years in the Army (MI - SIGINT)- Retired as 1SG. Ten years in Electronic & Computer repair service and service management. Ten years Electronics Instructor. Security Consultant, Now retired and only doing what I find educational and fun.
Currently my primary interests are in website design & maintenance, blogging, and letterboxing. Recently I am also preoccupied with trying to adjust gracefully to changes mandated by my declining health.
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Donna is the love of my life and has been my wife and faithful companion for well over 40 years. She was a teacher when we meet, but stopped working to raise our 4 children. She returned to part time work when they were old enough. She then earned her M.A. in special education and returned to full time work until retirement in 2009. She loves helping both children and adults with their needs
For many years Donna has been very active in our church missionary program. This is her while on a trip to Jamaica in November 2009 with a Nazarene Church "Work and Witness" missions team project. After fielding several questions Donna asked me to explain that the thing on top of her head is a dust mask.

Our Gang
This last Easter weekend Donna & I were blessed to have each of our four children along with their complete families and/or significant others spend portions of the Holiday with us. We arranged to get all of our progeny together for a photo shoot. The group assembled at a local portion of the Cleveland Metro-park know as "The Music Mound". We took photos with three different cameras resulting in several very nice shots. Loren and his spouse Jennifer had their wedding at this same spot nearly 15 years ago so it was of special significance to them.