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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Supersonic Summer

This summer has been flying past at what seems to be a supersonic speed. Arriving here at the blog this morning almost by accident I was astonished to see that the last posting was in mid June.

Let me look back and summarize the intervening period: cleared up outstanding medical issues prior to vacation, made other preps for the beach, followed by 2 weeks away at the beach and on the road coming and going, back home for only a short rest before we made 2 more quick trips on church business then back home again. The last two weeks have been more catching up and just general unwinding.

This weekend Donna and I are off again for a short romantic getaway in celebration of our Anniversary. We will be in mid Ohio Amish country mostly just kicking back . I found what sounds like a nice suite at a new hotel in Berlin. I am looking forward to it. Donna still has a lot of work to finish in order to complete the two classes she took over the summer, but I did manage to arrange for her to get a massage while we are there.

Payton (one of our Grandsons) will be coming for his summer visit soon. His visits are always fun filled and full of activities. Both of us look forward to the time with him each year.

So far for me the highlight of the summer has been the days at the beach. I am really not a beach type of guy but this year the location was wonderfully suited to the needs of all. We were able to get Loren and Jennifer down for the last two days, and I actually spent time on the beach each day.

Even as much as I enjoy letterboxing, it is becoming less and less frequent for me to get out. Between the logistics of hauling oxygen around and my steadily improving skill.level at finding ways to loose my balance, I just find that the difficulty in getting out has counterbalanced my enjoyment of the game. Perhaps the scales will tip back the other way as time goes on.

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