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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Season to Savor

We drove to Roseville Michigan last Saturday to be with some family for the Memorial Day weekend. Sunday we marched in a parade on and watched another on Monday. The group that we marched with represented the school where my Grandson is a student and my Daughter is on the library staff. Actually I rode my mobility scooter, it was all tricked out with with bunting. bows, and flags while I did my part by wearing colorful patriotic garb. I drove back Tuesday while Donna stayed and hung out a few extra days. She has hitched her way home today with Matt taking her as far as Toledo and Jason retrieving her from there.
Donna still has the camera so no pictures today. Enjoying time with family is always pleasant plus staying busy helps to dampen those emotional feelings associated with my military service.
Of course the Memorial day weekend marks the beginning of our Summer season. Kids will soon be out of school, the weather has warmed up, and everything is growing like mad. My wife and daughter are certifiable beach bums. They have already been itching for months to get to the beach. I go along to get along.

Since returning home time has been spent first on catching up with things neglected for 4 days then planing details of our summer beach vacation. We will be going to Oak Island, NC this year. It has been a number of years since we used that beach, but a combination of accessibility and finances made it desirable to make the change. All of the details seem to be coming together so that I feel that they are well in hand for now... perhaps I will kick back the rest of the day or at least until Donna gets home.

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