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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Singing Seniors at Sugar Creek

You are familiar with the term "senior citizens" used oo describe those of use who are either in, or are approaching, a period in our lives that could lead to the second round of wearing diapers. Our church likes to use the term "Prime Time" to identify activities planned for those in that age group while referring to us who participate as "Prime Timers". Actually neither of these group distinctions have appeal to me as I prefer to think of my self simply as a Post-Teen.

Regardless of the designation applied, prior to my last episode in the ER, Donna and I had signed up for a short retreat. We had laid our money down already, and the speaking and music were being presented by a couple that we had fond memories of hearing in years past, so we went ahead with our plans to attend.

We made many additional preparations the last few weeks to accommodate oxygen therapy, then late Tuesday morning we were off to Sugar Creek OH in the land of black horse drawn buggies. We arrived about noon, checked into our room, and ate at the Amish style restaurant located on the complex. After a light lunch I was able to enjoy some quality time with my pillow while Donna sat out in their garden and read. The group began to assemble about 4pm for event registration, then many milled around the lobby prior to a family-style dinner scheduled for 6pm. By 5:30 most were seated, had eaten the salad left for them on the table, and had begun lowing for the rest of the food.

Our first session with our host moderators, Lenny and Joy Wisehart, was held following the evening meal. Most of the rest of the two day event then followed this same pattern, food followed by a devotional presentation and singing, then circle around and do it again. The Wiseharts may have lost a little of their vim and vigor over the years. The don't hit you with the same knock out punch, but they are still vary enjoyable and have not lost their knack for inspiring you to a better life. Wednesday afternoon was left free for us to enjoy the area. After lunch on Thursday we began the process of stowing equipment in the car for the return trip home. We both had a grand time getting out with others who share so much in common with us.

This was my first multi night outing since starting on oxygen. We were able to pull it off with a few glitches, but it was not an easy or fun process. Having to plan weeks in advance to leave home for more than a few hours is not acceptable to me. Donna and I talked it over, then she suggested that I withdraw funds from my ROTH IRA and buy a truly portable oxygen concentrator. I now own a unit which I used to go to church this morning. It is about the size of a large camera or makeup case, is pretty quite, will run on batteries for about 8 hours, and includes both AC and DC car chargers. The results this morning were very pleasing and satisfying. I think it will make life much easier (and me much happier) as I am now less dependent of bottles and no longer need to order portable equipment weeks in advance. Just as my mobility scooter allows me to reach places that I could not otherwise, the concentrator will free me to travel for hours with minimal prior planning.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to work things out :) it will help when you are on vacation :) Dot