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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moms, Oxygen and Me

Here it is Mother's Day weekend.

I have been planning for weeks to write an article about the four mothers in my life that are so dear to me.

My Mom Hazel "Dixie" Galt (Picture at Right), who went to The Lord on 17 August 1995 and is profoundly missed.

My Wife Donna Galt, who extends more effort and energy than she can afford looking after my needs, continuing to nurture our four grown children, and promoting The Lords work.

My Mother-in-law Opal Weed, who was loving caring and supporting of all her children and their families until her passing on 6 May 2000.

Last my Daughter, Ellisa Kobylak a fantastic, unrelentingly cautious, and concerned mother who is fully committed to the education, amelioration, and elevation of her two exceptional and exceptionally luck young men.

Now I am down to the wire and I am still struggling to prepare it or to do anything else positive. I am in quite a funk over my health and trying to adapt to lugging oxygen around with me. Neither medicare or the VA are willing to fund any equipment beyond the minimum necessary. That means lugging bottles around or walking around trailing a tube. Portable concentrators which afford much more freedom are only issued while traveling (if available) and even then they must be ordered weeks in advance. The units provided are big and bulky in order to meet the needs of all potential users. If you want the flexibility afforded by the daily use of a compact unit you must purchase it out of pocket at considerable expense. As a result I am chafing at not being able to get up and go without first completing complex planing and preparations. It is like traveling with babies while having only two cloth and no disposable diapers - it can be done, but is is complicated.

Even simple at home tasks are a pain in the derrière. I can't go within 10 feet of open flame - no grilling or cooking while on oxygen. Trust me on this - It is not possible to shave with a tube up your nose. Using a urinal requires a juggling act as you try to unzip your fly without the bottle falling onto the grimy floor, then being sure that the hose is not in the line of fire. For a new way to fall on your nose, or to yank your ears off, try standing up only to find that you can't straighten up due to your feet being on the oxygen hose. Of course I can go for short periods without it, longer if I am not doing anything more strenuous than lifting a glass of water.

Enough rambling and complaining for now - hopefully I will be in a more upbeat mood tonight or tomorrow morning.

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