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Friday, May 28, 2010

Erie Places and Old Memories

In order to renew her Ohio state teachers certificate Donna needs a few new college credits. She wants to keep it active in order to work as a substitute. She found a "Bunny" class that she could apply to her work which is a study of the lake Eire islands. In order to complete the course requirements she is required to visit and take pictures of several specific and general locations on South Bass, Kelly's, and Johnson's islands. In addition a tombstone rubbing from the Confederate cemetery on Johnson's island is required.

Tuesday we hit the road early arriving in the area in time to catch the 11 a.m. ferry to Kelly's island where we had a quick lunch, then completed the requirements in time to catch the 3:30 run back to the mainland. Two ancient phenomena on her list, the Inscription Rock and the Glacial groves, were of the most interest to me.

After an overnight stay in the area we were off Wednesday to South Bass Island for another photo shoot. The Perry memorial was my favorite of her required stops. We also had the good fortune of photographing a very authentic reproduction of one of Perry's original war ships, the Niagara which happened to be in the harbor that day. After knocking out the required visits we hopped onto the return ferry then grabbed some lunch and set off southeast to complete her remaining tasks. Next we were off to Cross a short causeway to Johnson's Island where she snapped photos of the sentinel statue at the gate and obtained the required rubbing. Then we completed her last requirement in a swing by the Marblehead light for a quick shot on our way home.

It was good to be alone with her away from routine daily maters for a couple of days. We both enjoyed the learning experience and the time spent together.

In a few days it will be memorial day. As a Vietnam war veteran I am reminded of several unpleasant events when this time for remembering rolls around each year. Many of those who I knew or was associated with did not make it back safely. Last year instead of my customary visit to the wall in DC we went to visit my Daughters family north of Detroit where they participate in several parades. That seemed therapeutic to me, we plan to repeat it this year. We are off in the morning. Donna plans to spend all of next week there but I will return Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you and Donna are having such a good time together. We went to Johnson Island several yrs. ago it was extremly interesting. Hope you have a GREAT weekend with the kids. Take care Love Dot