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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I usually spend a large portion of my day sitting at a computer attempting to accomplish a variety of tasks and/or pandering to my many interests. With the exception of an I-pod touch I have been a PC user as long as PCs have been around. I was a DOS user even with the predecessors of the PC such as my early Tandy TRS products. Windows was too slow for my liking and it used too much memory. Finally in the mid 90s I was forced to embrace Windows systems in order to have more productive applications.

Windows based computing has always been a crap shoot. Things tend to run along just fine until the most critical moment, then all active processes slow down, generate errors, or totally hang up the computer. When that happens often the only way to resume is to hold down the three key combination of "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" which then brings up a management screen allowing you to halt an application, a process, or to shut down the machine. If you shut down one of your choices "Restart" will stop everything and start over from scratch.

For many years I have been an active supporter of Conservative political principles. I worked as a precinct committee member, testified at legislative hearings, attended rallies and gatherings, contributed money for PACS and campaigns, and worked as a volunteer with election committees. All of this was done with the sincere belief that if the right people were placed into positions of power they would address all of my concerns. We have now had several complete changes of the power structure at the Federal level. With each change we are assured that the newcomers have a vastly different view of good government, that they will make it work better, and that they will fix all of the wrongs that are troubling us. Despite all of that campaign rhetoric and hyperbola, things just seem to go from bad to worse.

I went to a "Tea Party" event last Sunday afternoon. I do not think that (given our entrenched two party system) either a third party or a large number of Independents would succeed in cleaning up the mess. I have been converted to the extent of advocating that our only hope is to dump them all and to restart the system.

Do you suppose that "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" will work to shut down the political machine and restart the Federal Government?


Stacy Christian said...

If only it were that easy. There are days when I would settle for a "mute" button.


Anonymous said...

Wow Larry I wish it were that easy, i would be hitting thoes buttons like CRAZY. I also like your friends idea of a mute button lol. Love Dot