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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wrapping it up - A lament

It has been a crazy week. On Sunday Donna made the last minute decision that she would go to visit with our son Loren in Delaware for the week. I took her to the airport at noon Monday and have been living the carefree life of an over-the-hill bachelor ever since. For the most part it has been a pretty good week except that Jason (#2 son) and I have been sharing the duties involved in keeping the dog from destroying our house with puddles and poo. I am not keen on having a dog in the house to begin with but that is another story. The big problem at present is that I do not relish going up and down stairs to let her in and out.

I have tried to get out-and-about and have succeeded to some degree. But then flex (i.e., spring) was rudely interrupted as the pendulum of the seasons gave winter one last swan-song. Wednesday was cold and rainy, Thursday was worse as Winter wrapped-up it's year by giving us more s░░w last night and this morning.

About 2 inches of that cool white H²O derivative were discovered to be on the ground upon waking today. The journeys of the day consisted of bending our Pastor's ear over lunch followed by an hour of complaining to my shrink. It is nice to share and vent but, Oh how I want winter to be over!!!

I did receive reports that three letterboxers located several of my boxes last weekend. I guess The boxers are stirring from there long winters nap. Next week I will have to put Hanami (my cherry blossom box) out and remove Berea Bart (the groundhog box) as well as Patty Bear (St. Patrick's day) until next year.

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