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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A tale of two weeks

Last week was rather uneventful for me. The snow is beginning to melt so I can't complain about that. I saw my cardiologist and came away with a fairly good report from him. The same with my sleep doctor, and my analyst didn't get on my case about anything in particular.

Then there was the good news that my grandson had lost another tooth, it was a front one and he didn't swallow it this time which makes it much easier for the tooth fairy to recover it. I asked my daughter Ellisa if he whistles when he talks but she hasn't yet given an answer.

While speaking of teeth I was shocked and saddened when I received the bad news that our dentist, Dr. Frank D'Amico, passed away suddenly after a very brief illness. I had seen him in early February and saw no indication of anything wrong. I know that many of you would not mourn for your dentist but this fellow was like family. When he left the dental practice where we first used him we could not follow because of insurance issues. Many years later he picked me out of the crowd in an airport. He walked up and started a conversation as you would with a long lost college room mate. He inquired about each of my family recalling details that I had almost forgotten.

After chatting awhile he asked who we were now seeing for our dental work. When I responded that we did not have a regular dentist he slipped me his card. So about 5 years ago we began using him again as our family dentist. Each time we would visit he had to be updated on the family. In addition he performed in a very professional and carrying manner. He was available at the drop of a hat for emergencies even to the extent of deferring or canceling his own plans. He also gave us the same discounted military rate we had received at the practice where we had first used him which minimized our out of pocket expense. He was a Michigan State Alumni and fan who was stuck in Ohio. He seemed to enjoy the banter at the end of our visits when I would tease him with some Ohio State remark. If holistic dentistry practice were an Olympic event he would be standing at the top of the podium with his gold medal. Wow!! We will really miss him !!

So this week I am looking ahead to next Sunday's Chili Cook off at church. Donna has entered me as a competitor so I have to settle on which of my recipes to use. I like it hot and spicy. I toned it down some for last years cook off. It was still a bit too strong for the taste of some, yet I landed in second place. I will try to kick the spices down a little bit more for this year, but not too much - who wants weakly flavored chili !!

Then next week we have St. Patrick's day. I am thinking of baking some cookies appropriate to this Irish festival and taking them to church Sunday. We shall see. It is time to put Patty Bear, (another of my seasonal letterboxes) out to be found be those who are being encouraged by the warmer weather.

I am also beginning to consider what I might do to the blog for Easter this year. I have a couple of ideas to try out.

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