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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flexing at Lemmy's with Payton

I no longer have either the strength or energy to attempt a decent Spring. Therefor I have now resorted to referring to the celebration of the Vernal Equinox as flex rather than spring. I have been flexing a little over the last few days.

First on Thursday I actually accomplished something that I had not done since September. I went out and started looking for some nearby letterboxes. The woods and trails are still pretty wet so I wasn't able to reach the several that I tried. Friday I had better luck with a drive-by box. I had a meeting scheduled at the Church where "Archers Homeschooling" is located. I left the house early and managed to locate and stamp into that box prior to my appointment. For icing on the cake a hitchhiker had been languishing there in hiding for several months.

Our daughter is currently living north of Detroit with her spouse and children. Her husband's family, who live much closer to them than we do, frequently take one or both of our mutual grandchildren for a day or two. In midweek we received a call stating that they would be keeping Payton this weekend and asking if we would like to meet them for lunch in Sandusky on Saturday to share time with them and Payton. We planned to connect outside of town around 12:30.

Today (Saturday) Donna asked me if there were any letterboxes that we could look for in that area. I checked and became intrigued by a listing for "Lunchtime with LEMmy". In addition to other information the clue states:

At the tables there is a brochure explaining the story behind LEMmy. It seems like every big lake has a sea monster. Lake Erie is no exception. The story tells of LEMmy's (Lake Erie Monster) capture. Somehow the owners of the restaurant came in possession of her. She is kept in the basement.
Kids are asked if they want to feed her. They are given slices of raw potato to throw down the basement stairs. It's dark down there, so you really don't see her. And the basement door is shut quickly so she won't escape.
After a few minutes there is a loud thumping coming through the restaurant floor! It's LEMmy enjoying her potatoes. She's wagging her tail!

That nailed it, upon hearing the story the in-laws agreed, that's where we would have lunch. I can not imagine a better place to eat with a young man who is nearly seven. Well it turned out to be a great choice even though the letterbox was not available today. We all ordered our meals then Payton was given a LEMmy place mat to color while we waited. The meal arrived and the server told Payton that only after he had eaten all of his Pancake breakfast (with the pancake in the shape of a sea serpent) would he be permitted to feed LEMmy. For the first time in my recollection Payton finished his meal ahead of all the rest of us. When the Potato slices were tossed down the dark stairs a guttural roar was heard throughout the building which sent Payton scurrying back into Grandma's lap. This was followed by loud pounding from the cellar as LEMmy's tail wagged in appreciation of Payton's offering.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent driving along Ceder Point and drooling at the fine homes. It was a very pleasant day even if I can't Spring, I did enjoy flexing with family.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Payton told me all about it.