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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chilly Chili Event

It was a chilly church chili cook off for me. I entered a toned down version of my favorite chili recipe in the annual church cook off. This event is a fund raiser for our missions program with all of the proceeds this year going to Haitian relief efforts. Several of those present told me that they loved and voted for my concoction, however they were in the minority. No prizes for me this year.

I normally make a very hot and spicy chili. You may remember the biblical story of Esau returning from a hunt and immediately wanting a bowl of the perpetual stew which was simmering in the kitchen. This was initially refused but he was served after stating that he would trade his birthright as the eldest son for a bowl of it. He soon regretted this impetuous act as his inheritance then passed to his brother Jacob. Chili peppers were unknown in the mid east at that time. However, due in large part to the prservative qualities which they possess, today they are a staple item through out the world in stews and similar dishes.

In a somewhat strange, twisted, and distorted manner I have made an attempted at an oblique reference or allusion to this tale when I refer to my potent chili as Esau's revenge. The brew that I served up Sunday used only about half of the spice incorporated in the revenge version and was not particularly hot but it was on the spicy side. Obviously it was still too potent for many in attendance. Those Nazarene folks are just not ready for me yet.

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