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Saturday, March 13, 2010

69 Baby

This has been one of my better weeks. Recently my Cardiologist decided to alter my meds. One of the changes was to reduce the frequency of taking one of my water pills to once a day. Now I don't take either of the two remaining diuretics in the evening which eliminates the uncontrollable urge to visit the john at two in the morning. Then I recently paid a visit to my sleep doctor - I wonder why this group hasn't coined some fancy Latin phrase to Identify themselves? At our previous meeting he gave me a prescription for Gabapentin which is used for neuropathic pain, restless leg syndrome, and to deepen sleep, all of which apply to me. It is also used during treatment for drug withdraw, migraine headaches, MS, and various mental health conditions. Although this stuff sounds like it can do just about anything I saw no noticeable effects while on the minimum dosage he had first prescribed. On this last visit he doubled the dosage. Wow, what a difference these two changes have made! This old man is now sleeping through the night like a 69 year old baby.

This morning I went searching through my stuff to find Patty Bear, my seasonal St. Patrick's Day letter box which I will put out this morning. While digging for it I found 3 full sheets of Grade A white PZ cut. I have not cut a new stamp for months now, so at that rate these should last for years. For you non letter boxers (Noxers) out there this no longer available stuff was considered by many (including me) to be the best stamp carving material on the planet. So having already discovered my own pot of gold today I have changed the "Skin" on this blog to the St. Patrick's day theme.

We have had three warm days in a row which has melted all of the snow. Yesterday I started my Chili for the cook off at Church on Sunday and today we have a Birthday Party to attend (Political Fund Raiser). That pretty well sums up our week.

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