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Friday, February 26, 2010

S'nuff of this Stuff

I have definitely had enough of that white snow s#%@ s░░w stuff !! I am looking out the window at falling s░░w. The prediction is that it will accumulate a total of up to 4-8 inches. I can't imagine how bad of a blizzard we would be having to deal with if we didn't have (TIC) Global Warming. Donna went to a Rotary breakfast early this morning. She had planned to make a few stops on the way home to finish some choirs, but the roads were so slick she cut it short and came back home. I guess we are in for another few days of "Cabin Fever".

I was reflecting this week on all of the things that I have to be thankful for. The aspect of my life I tend to complain about most is my health. At 69 I am no longer a fresh new branch on the family tree. Among other things I have lousy balance due to peripheral neuropthy, my hearing is shot from years in noise environments including battle fields, then there is the hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, and congestive heart failure. Oh did I mention gout? The dentist's cash register starts to purr every time I drive past his office and the eye doctors pace the floor in eager anticipation of our visits.

Still I thank My Lord in all of this. You see I did have many many years of very good health. My family has also had few serious medical issues to deal with. Now it seems that every day brings us the bad news of another friend or acquaintance experiencing real challenges in dealing with the results of infirmities such as chronic disease, illness, or trauma. Much of the time these concerns involve persons much younger than I. Thinking on these less fortunate individuals helps me to realize that I have really been very blessed in my medical history.

Then there are all who are struggling financially in our slumping economy. Many of those in need are themselves young and have a young family. Large numbers of these had either not been in the job force long enough or due to continuing demands for basic necessities had not been able to acquire a financial cushion. In many cases even those with the means who had tried to prepare underestimated the pervasiveness, length, and severity of the upheaval. Everyday we hear of more in our circle of friends loosing their jobs.

We are certainly not affluent and our meager retirement investments have suffered very badly in the market, but at least much of our limited retirement income is from sources that seem to be stable and should provide for our needs with a pittance of mad money left over.

Our mortgage payment is pretty low and we own two aging cars that are paid for which provide adequate transportation. In most cases our clothes are not very fashionable but they are suitable for our needs. We are still able to put food on the table and even eat out on occasion.

So for these blessings of health, wealth, and welfare it is past time for me to acknowledge their source.


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