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Monday, February 8, 2010

Happiness is a Hoagie

Yesterday we watched the Superbowl and ate lots of chili and other snacks. It was a good competitive game and for no particular reason I was rooting for the Saints so I was pleased with the rather unexpected outcome.

Our daughter Ellisa (who has since graduated from college, married, and is now the mother of two boys) started participating in the Local Berea High School's Marching band as a banner carrier while she was still in middle school (1993?), then continued on for several of her high school years. The very highly regarded band has a funky show band style that has resulted in it's performance at both the Rose Bowl and Disneyland several times. The Berea City School District Band Program has been Nationally ranked among the Best 100 Communities for Music Education for the last 9 years.

The band receives virtual no public funding and is essentially self supporting. The fund raising arm for the band is the Berea Band Boosters. Their primary funding activity is an annual hoagie sale. If you are a band member, parent of a band member, close relative of one, or have one as a neighbor, you would have difficulty in not helping with the sale, distribution, or purchase of hoagies. I recall spending many hours helping to assemble them in the schools cafeteria.

But these folks have an ace up their sleeve. The hoagies are distributed for Superbowl Sunday. So of course the other major food item on our menu yesterday was band hoagies. They are actually quite good but we did not put a large dent into the pile. I expect they will be on the menu several time in the upcoming week.

Now it is time to move on looking forward to Valentines Day.

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed super bowl sunday also,even though I could care less who wins lol I do love the commercials. We went to friends and like you we also ate ALOT oh my stomach lol. Hope all is well in you neck of the world and that you are surviving the snow. Dot