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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rodents Respite

Here it is mid-winter in northeastern Ohio. We enjoyed? several weeks of below freezing weather after Christmas and on most of those days a smattering of snow was included to ice the cake. Most of our local citizens have been suffering from a sever case of cabin fever.

At this point in life my aging carcass is doing well to accommodate such strenuous activities as getting dressed, going to the john repeatedly (Water Pills) and walking into the living room to watch TV. Climbing up and down stairs and going outside in the cold are really stretching my capacity. As a result my typical day has been like living in a hamster habitat moving from cell to cell to cell.

To further complicate things my delightful wife, who retired last summer, feels a need to keep busy doing something useful while confined to the house. She has been satisfying this urge by spending the weeks since Christmas sorting through her considerable collection of Christmas decorations, throwing some away while adding new "bargin" finds. This resulted in an assortment of boxes scattered around the house creating a maze to navigate as I attempted to move about from cell to cell. The resulted path was a combination of the Hamster habitat and a maze reminiscent of the old game of "Rats Revenge".

Due to the accumulated snow I had been unable to deploy my seasonal "Berea Bart" letterbox without leaving a trail to it. This box is intended to be set out for several weeks prior to and after Groundhog day also know as Candlemas. I wrote a great deal about this holiday last year and won't repeat those postings here, but think you would enjoy reading them. They can be found here 1,here 2,here 3, and here 4.

We finally did get a break in the weather towards the end of last week which continued through the first part of this week. As a result I have escaped from my hamster habitat, the rat maze has been put away for another year, and Bart has been deployed.
Ah the joy of the rodent's respite.

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