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Saturday, September 26, 2009

August Shrugged

Upon learning my name people often make some quip about, or (even worse) mistakenly address me as, John Galt a principle character in the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rand. Ann used this book as a platform to expound her philosophy of "Objectivism". Although I don't agree with her view on the purpose of life, a principle theme of her book - the battle between government control and individual freedom, seems even more imperative today than when published 50+ years ago. It is a good read.

But today I will try a little pun on John.

August Shrugged. Yes August shrugged. I don't know where it (along with most of September) went!! A quick summary

We were able to enjoy a week (stretched to 10 days) with our grandson Payton

We spent several days enjoying the hospitality of Donna's sister Carol while attending Donna's 50 year HS reunion.

With Payton and at a really great event at a fantastic park in downtown Youngstown
We had lots of fun boxing, the company was wonderful, and the food delicious.
Public Service:
I Volunteer to support the MS P2P each year as a ham radio operator. Damon rode in the event this year. I had some pics of him but I can't find them now.

Donna and I have been dealing with a large number of Medical issues both because of current needs and also trying to tie up any loose ends before the insurance from her former employer ran out. We have also been actively exploring what new insurance options to take.

Donna is becoming involved with the Rotary Club and I have been volunteering to help with several political groups.

Now Donna and I are off for a week and a half or so spending time with family and at a Church retreat for seniors. Jason has been recruited to conduct a yard sale cleaning out much of our basement and garage while we are gone.

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