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Monday, June 1, 2009

Humpty Dumpty fell in the Hall

Wow yesterday was NOT a good day. Around 4 Sunday Morning I woke up feeling chilled, then decided to get up and close the window. That done a quick visit to the WC seemed in order. I was about ten steps into the trip when suddenly my legs collapsed from underneath me, leaving me to fall face first, kissing the floor, and feeling like Humpty Dumpty. That is not a good way to start the day. I had a similar episode a few months ago. Fortunately It could have been worse, the thud when I hit the floor shook the whole house. Soon family gathered around to show concern and no serious damage was done either time.

Now of course I wonder when it will happen again. The scariest part for me is that I do not remember any dizziness or any other warning signs. I talked to the doctor, but we really do not have enough information to come to any conclusion. When I go out I have tried to preserve what is left of my ability to get around on me own by not using a mobility scooter for shorter trips. However, I do not want to find myself falling on my face while doing something like walking in the woods letterboxing. I am afraid that I have now become even more reliant on my little scooter. I am not yet ready to use a walker every place that I go.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I guess that I will have to become more skilled at popping wheelies on my little scooter. There is a certain perverse pleasure which can be derived from terrorizing pedestrians at the market that way.

Another plus is that while riding one you always have a place to sit. I guess that I will be planting more letterboxes along multipurpose trails in the local parks. Do you think that all of those letterboxing mom's pushing their strollers will find an old man on a scooter hot?

1 comment:

Stacy Christian said...

So sorry to hear that you fell! Your positive attitude is an inspiration though. :)