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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend or weakend? and Tom Davis Letterbox

We took a long weekend break to be with our daughter Ellisa and her family for memorial day. I am pretty worn down from all the activity and travel. The way I feel today perhaps I should say it was a WEAKend.

It all started when I applied for a NEXUS card thinking it would be a quick and easy way to cross back and forth into Canada with all of the new restrictions going into effect. Then when my money was already paid out and it was approved, I learned that I would have to go to a government processing center to complete the application procedure. The nearest point was in Detroit. So I called my Daughter and told her that I would be in the area and would spend a day with her. She picked last Friday night and Saturday. Then my wife wanted a card too, the process was repeated and the two of us planned on going. When we realized that it was the Memorial Day weekend, and that Grandson Payton would march with his school, Reach Charter Academy, in two parades, it became a Friday through Tuesday excursion. Elllisa took all of the pictures, she does a great job and is enjoying her new camera.

Friday we took care of business, checked into our Motel, then joined Ellisa and crew for dinner and fun. Saturday Ellisa's hubby Matt had to work, the rest of us went to the farm market for flowers which then had to be planted that day by the ladies while I enjoyed a nap. Afterward it was off to get a grill (an early Fathers Day present) for Matt. We kicked in on the grill as our birthday gift for him. Subs for dinner then called it a night.

Sunday it was church followed by Matt going to work again while the rest of us went for our First Parade of the weekend, a four mile hike, which took the rest of the day and wore us all out. Of course I rode my little scooter. Next Pizza for dinner, followed by rest for our tired, tender, and sunburned bodies.

Monday Matt was off and we had another parade to do. This one was shorter and near to their home. It ended with a very nice ceremony. The weekend was then capped off by Matt and I assembling the Grill, which of course he then had to cook on. Great steaks, chicken, and roasted corn with all of the fixings then somemores. Can you have Memorial Day without a cookout? It was a very nice family weekend even if I am totally worn out. Oh! Did I mention that there was the required playing with the hose and that everyone came over to the motel for a splash to end the day.

I know that my health is very fragile and that each such visit may well be my last. As we were leaving yesterday I found myself apprehensively thinking - will I be back here again? That is a bit scary, but I believe it makes me appreciate these times even more.

I did get a new letterbox completed and out for "Plant a Letterbox Day". It was a bit rushed but came out fairly good. I chose a memorial box dedicated to James "Tom" Davis, one of those that I served with in the Vietnam War and the first American to give his life in ground combat during that conflict.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great time with the kids!!!!! Take care of yourself!!!!! Dot