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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Payton Day and Dixie

Last Saturday was Payton Day. Friday night after work Donna and I drove to Toledo to help in preparing a Family Birthday Party for our 6 year old Grandson Payton. Donna helped a lot in the kitchen giving her and our daughter time to catch up on all of the little things that they might have missed during their three to five hours a day of talking and texting on their cell phones. Except for a trip to the grocery store, followed by cutting up stuff for a tray of veges, I mostly tried to stay out of the way and not complain.

After struggling with the cake crumbling while attempting to frost it, Ellisa abandoned that project and started over from scratch. However, the final result (sometime latter) was very successful.

I did not take me camera (senior moment) so I do not have any shots of my own to share. Payton's mom, Ellisa, was given a very nice second hand camera that morning by her brother-in-law Jason. She took a lot of pictures, but her computer is down so she has not yet shared them. Here are a couple stolen from Jason's Facebook Page.

It is apparent that Payton is enjoying himself. Payton is a real little charmer who is frequently found surrounded by girls. Here he is captured showing Anna, the daughter of one of his mothers friends since her early childhood, around the grounds.

The party was a complete success and enjoyed by all. Afterward we drove back home and arrived about 10pm, just in time to fix more food for a church potluck the following morning.

This week was more laid back. I put out a letterbox for Mothers day which is both a tribute to all mothers, and a bit of a memorial to my own mother. Mom's given name was "Hazel Joyce", but at one point in her working life she was labeled "Dixie" to avoid name confusion with others. She liked that moniker and was often called that by friends throughout her later life. This letterbox tribute was probably due to recent efforts to get more in touch with my feelings. Repeating part of the sentiment from this letterbox:

"Life brings us many joys and celebrations, but also some heartaches and disappointment along the way. We go through a period of mourning when someone close passes on, then we pick ourselves up and move on.

I am old enough that I have seen many friends and loved ones go. However I find that the one death that I have never fully recovered from was that of my mother. Losing your mother leaves a void that nothing else can ever fill, a broken link and special bond that can never be repaired or replaced.

My mom was truly a sweet and gentile person who endured many hardships without complaint after being orphaned at an early age. She passed away on the 17th day of August 1995. Nearly 14 years latter I still miss her wit, wisdom, council, understanding, and love. Someday we will hold each other again!!"

Considerable time was also spent this week in getting some things ready for Donna to enjoy mothers day and in planning for her upcoming retirement party.

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