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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fleeting Thoughts

Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of the outdoor leisure season, has come and gone. This period in late spring and early summer is one most of us look forward to each year. Yesterday I was meditating and dwelling on the sights, sounds, and activities that I enjoy during this period of awaking and new beginnings.

Some of the things considered im my fleeting thoughts on this subject included:

Flowers, flowers, and more flowersNew lifeGrassy Lanes and shady grovesSpring plants and berry'sWeddings and new beginnings
Rain storms and showersBeaches and parksTime visiting family and friendsCookoutsAnd of course snuggling close with my wife
(You can only wish for a picture)

It is time to hit the letterboxing trail again. I need to produce a couple to plant and several new boxes have recently been planted in nearby locations. I have a couple that I want to do for my Berea series, but need to work out the details. I have seen several discussions on Atlas Quest as to what makes a good letterbox. Thinking about it I guess that from the beginning my goal has been to produce letterboxes that are integrated, i.e. those in which the stamp, location, subject, and logbook are all designed to be in harmony. It can take more work, but I consider such boxes to be the "Best Boxes".

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