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Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Spring in my Day

Yesterday we finally had a pretty nice day. Sunny and mid 50s. The day found me out doing wheelies on my scooter in the park.

I needed to get out so decided to explore a new nearby trail that the area has received which was over 15 years in the planning and completion. This path was built through a 3 mile long stretch of what was originally swampland. Over the years most of the area north and east of Berea, now Brook Park and Middleburg Heights, was drained off to provide farmland and housing. Today all that is left of the swamp is a narrow string of marsh stretching between two local lakes. It was quit a project getting a trail in, it includes long stretches of boardwalk and a lighted tunnel under a train track.

The trail was much prettier than I had expected. The park service doesn't have their signs up yet, they are planning for the "Grand Opening" in July. I traveled from end to end and found that there is a fishing platform and viewing platforms for wildlife watchers. Many interpretative and historical markers are planned.

I saw deer, daffodils, crocus, blue jays, turtles sunning themselves on logs, and much more. Stupidly, I did not take a camera. I promise that I will next time.

When first developed into farmland this marsh area, then know as "Podunk Swamp", was the top onion production area in the country. At that time "Berea" onions were at least as highly regarded as "Vidalia" onions are today. I was also hoping to find some remaining wild onions and perhaps moral mushrooms but no luck.

I have nearly completed two letterboxes which I wish to plant along or near this trail and wanted to see if it was feasible. There are no others within a few miles so It will work out very well if I get them out soon. More will probably follow those original two as related themes occur to me.

I enjoyed the day. After a few hours out in the sun I have a much improved outlook. I think that I must have some new spring in my step.

Today is much colder and overcast, it is a catching up on the choirs day. Tonight we are off to a "Good Friday" service. Saturday night we are getting together with the three kids who are in town and Sunday morning we celebrate the resurrection. , Letterboxing.


Stacy Christian said...

It is so therapeutic finally getting to get out, isn't it?


1SG said...

Yes it is! I was getting into a real funk.