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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resurrection, Survival, Family, and Letterboxes

Hallelujah, our Christ was resurrected from the grave after his death on a cross.

The maple tree has ducked a premature death. It is actually looking quite good after having shrugged off the ice very effectively. So life is going on despite the hardships.

Over the weekend we were blessed to have all of the family with us except for my daughters crew. It was their year to spend Easter with her husbands family in Toledo. We missed them, but will be with them soon for our Grandson's birthday celebration.

Donna and I went to a very nice Good Friday service in Medina stopping for dinner on the way at "Bullie's BBQ", a place that we are becoming fond of. It is the new business location for the man who previously operated the now closed Station Restaurant where my Berea - Puffer Belly letterbox is located.

Saturday we had the whole gang here for most of the afternoon and evening. Our eldest Loren and wife Jennifer were in town to gather scattered belongings. Number two son Jason and friend Hope were here from noon on, and our youngest Damon brought his friend Stephenie for dinner.

The whole bunch helped out so we did not spend the whole day cooking. We also had a belated family birthday celebration for Damon. My contributions were smoked salmon and smoked chicken. The salmon turned out great. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and the party didn't break up until 11:00 pm.

Sunday we were off to church to celebrate Easter, then to dinner at one of Damon's favorite restaurants where he joined us for the Easter buffet.

Yesterday Jason grilled hamburgers for our dinner. It has been a great weekend.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn we are flying to Baltimore where Loren will pick us up for a working visit to his new home.

I have had a number of finds reported recently on my Berea boxes, it seems that they are becoming very popular. Work is complete on one additional Berea letterbox "Berea - Onion" and nearly finished on a second one "Berea - Coin". When we return from Baltimore they will be finished then planted. I am shooting for a 22 April launch date.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a good time, Dad. We missed you too. I like the picture of Damon with Max's paci. I wondered where that one has been. ;)