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Monday, April 6, 2009

Is life so short?

It is a sad day here. For the last week we have been watching the Maple Tree outside the window of our home office. First we had only small buds, then larger, by yesterday we could distinguish individual leaves. It has been fun to watch.

Today we are undergoing the beginning of a late season storm which may last days and leave us with several inches of snow. Looking out the window I see ice hanging from many of the baby leaves. I really don't like the thought of new life perishing so quickly and hope that they survive. I am tempted to pray for them.

Prayer reminds me that this is Holy Week. How could it have gotten here so soon! Where is the year going? I expect that we will attend a "Good Friday" service but I don't think that I will be up for a Sunrise service this Sunday, the ten o'clock service may just have to do. Also our eldest and his wife will be in town over the weekend to gather things stored here and there now that they have a home of their own to put them in. So we are planning on a family gathering Saturday night.

We had a pretty nice day early in the week so I did get out letterboxing finding 2 of the 3 boxes looked for. I was struggling with the third one for some reason, but will look for it again when the weather breaks. I also planted one of my own, Hanami a Seasonal Spring bonus box.

After our session with the teachers retirement folks Donna has elected to go ahead and retire at the end of the school year. I really didn't think she would as her soul is in teaching. The best I can make of it, she is concerned that we should spent more of the time we have left together. As neither one of us is in good health that seems a good idea. Maybe I will have a new letterboxing pal soon.

Our Daughter Ellisa, who got me hooked on letterboxing to start with, enjoyed an all day family letterboxing outing over the weekend. It sounds as though they really had a great time. I won't go into the details here. Why don't you read her blog or check the "Kobystars" logbook?

I am now working on my next Berea letterboxes. They should be ready to plant near the end of this month.

Well I have a piece of pork loin on the smoker that is nearly done so I guess my blog time is over for today.

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