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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deleware, Boxes and BBQ

Ok! I have been goofing off since returning from Newark Delaware.

We were out there the week before last from Wednesday through Sunday. Loren and Jennifer's home is really nice. It is not what I would consider a starter home! We were able to help them accomplish several projects in their quest to get all things redone to their liking. We worked and ate, then worked and ate. We ate out or ordered carry in several times, but Loren managed to find time to cook a few meals. That man can really rustle up some fantastic grub. For me the highlight was the last night when he produced BBQ ribs and chicken with all the fixins.

Returning home I spent several days recovering from my travels. As usual the weather was up and down again which tended to keep me inside.

On Wednesday it was still a bit chilly, but warm enough to get out and plant two letterboxes, Berea - Onion and Berea - Coins, along a two mile stretch of the Metropark. I actually rode my scooter for nearly six miles looking for spots that I liked. The batteries were nearly dead by the time all was finished.

Donna's had 2 tickets for an afternoon Indians Game on Thursday. She was working so I helped her out by inviting the pastor to go to the game with me. The day was in the mid 50 but clear. Dressed in a long sleeve shirt and jacket I stayed pretty comfortable but my face is sunburned and peeling. The tribe won.

I am preparing to put out a Mother's Day seasonal stamp and also carved two stamps for our neighbor Hope (Jason's friend) to use for a school project. We have been sharing dinner with Her frequently and when that occurs Jason has been doing most of the cooking. I also fixed some pulled pork barbecue which we ate together on Monday night, and she had us over to her place one night.

I did try to do some letterboxing on Tuesday but was rained out. Loren has been in town for business the last two days. Last night we were able to join him and his associate for dinner.

Now we are trying to get things ready to head for Toledo and celebrate our grandson Payton's birthday this weekend. It is hard to believe that he is six already. He just received the Principals (best all around student) award for the month at his school. He is really amazing! Not yet in the 1st grade he is reading better than many third grader students.

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