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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Busting out and the Hanami tradition

Oh my gosh! It has been almost a week. Last Friday my daughter was ill so I went to Breakfast with her husband and her youngest son Maxwell. When we returned to her home she was still in bed so I hung out for a bit, then returned home, I got home in late afternoon just to crash in bed. I really over did it the last few weeks and became totally exhausted.

Since then it has been pretty routine. I wanted to get out letterboxing, but early in the week it was too cold, then yesterday it was warm but drizzled rain all day. Today Donna and I have an early afternoon appointment to discuss her potential retirement so letterboxing is out. However I have been working on a new box to add to my seasonal collection and several for my Berea series. A spring related box should be in place for the weekend.

Every place that I look there are signs of spring busting out. I expect to really enjoy this spring in a fresh and different way. I think that I have gained a new appreciation for the beginning of new life and the renewal of the old.

This weekend the annual Cherry Blossom festival is being held in Washington DC. During our days in Japan we came to truly love "Hanami" or flower viewing, the time when local celebrations are held as the fruit trees come into bloom. The most popular are the "Sakura" or Cherry blossom festivals. These are family lawn parties in parks selected for their exceptional beauty and usually involve eating, drinking, dancing, singing, and of course viewing the cherry trees. The Japanese cherry blossom song is one of their best know in the west and is a personal favorite.

Jason, one of my bachelor sons, is spending a lot of time with us now. He and the single lady who is our next door neighbor are becoming frequent companions. Tuesday he offered to fix dinner at our home for both us and her. We accepted his offer and enjoyed not having to fix as well as the resulting good food and company.

My eldest Loren and his wife Jennifer recently bought a house in Delaware state. We expect that they will be in town to recover items from storage over the Easter weekend. Then a few days later Donna and I will fly over to see their new home and help them with chores related to getting settled in. I am really VERY uncomfortable on airplanes due to physical problems, still we are looking forward to some great family time.

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