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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Boxers and Good Food.

Last Friday just after finishing my WHIN indicating that the weather was keeping down the letterboxing activity, a group of boxers came by to get the boxes at my house. They had also worked several more in my area. Then latter Travel'n Turtle, a local boxer, came by to get my new seasonal stamp and to provide an exchange with her 2 month old son, Q Bee, who may be the youngest letterboxer in Ohio if not in the entire US. Everything considered several more of my boxes have had finds logged since Friday. With all of the recent exchanges my logs are also not up to date. It appears that this week has brought us a Pot of Gold in our letterboxing adventures. I wonder what other pleasant surprises are ahead?

The chili went over very well at church Sunday and yesterday was devoted to making scones that Donna took in to the faculty today at Drake Elementary School where she works. Next on the agenda is to start on St. Patrick's day dinner. This year it will be a more authentic dinner consisting of boiled bacon, cabbage, and potatoes. Not knowing if we will like the bacon it will be fixed two different ways. Half will just be boiled and sauced while the rest will be glazed after the boiling then baked as you would a ham. I may only boil half of the cabbage and stir fry the remainder. Boiled potatoes will of course be included.

Here it is St. Patrick's Day already. Time really slipped away from me. I had intended to post several more tidbits regarding the day earlier in the month but it didn't happen. So now I am down to the wire. Here are a couple of links for activities which should have been given to you earlier, perhaps you can still find something here to use:
Mrs Jones - St Patty's Day
St Patrick's Day Printables - St Patrick's Day Word Search
St Patrick's Day on the Net

I will not go downtown to the Parade today even though the weather is expected to be outstanding with clear skies and the temperature in the mid 60s.

Tomorrow I will be driving to Michigan for a much anticipated visit with my Daughter and her Family. Family has become very important to me in the last few years. At the end of our days, when the accounting of all of the things we did on this earth is made, the only thing that will matter is our relationships. Relationships with God, Family, and Community.

With the holiday half gone it seems too late for recipes so I will simply close with a traditional Irish blessing and an Irish proverb.

May god grant you many years to live,
for sure he must be knowing
the earth has angels all too few
and heaven is overflowing

The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune

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