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Monday, March 2, 2009

Boxers Stirring, Coptic Stitch Vs. BIA, Rounded off with a Limerick

There were several warmish days toward the end of last week. This seemed to result in a few local letterboxers stirring from their winter hibernation. I am seeing postings on the letterboxing messageboards updating us on the status of boxers who had not been heard from for several months. In addition towards the end of the week several finds were reported on four of my planted boxes. It is exciting to be looking forward to getting out and going boxing again. However, on Sunday the cold returned with a certitude. With the windchill factor hovering near zero even a few moments outside is enough to bring on my angina. It is supposed to warm up again towards the end of this week which will allow getting out and planting some boxes. I have repeatedly gone over my three new Berea letter boxes and tweaked all of the details several times. They are all boxed up and completely ready to be deployed.

For my recent boxes I have been making logbooks using a spineless Coptic stitch. This permits them to be opened flat which is great for stamping. These are made with unlined 4"x6" index cards folded in half. The index cards are thick enough to permit stamping on both sides of the page with out bleed through. Several of the cards are folded together to form a packet called a "Signature" then the desired number of these "Signatures" are stitched together by hand. Eight "Signatures" consisting of three cards each results in a 96 page book about 1/2 inch thick which seems to be a good size for this purpose. I have developed a technique for covering them that I find very attractive. It hides the stitching on the back as well as making a nice cover, but does not interfere with the goal of opening the book out flat.

These logbooks are very nice, the technique is now fully developed, and all of the cover appliques and book insert pages used are stored in my computer. They also just fit snugly into the 2 cup size Lock-N-Lock. Still they are very time consuming with the need to fold the cards, sew it together, complete the cover, round off the corners, and then add inserts. Now for a new seasonal St. Patrick's day letterbox I have tried making a logbook of similar size using a Zutter Bind-It-All machine. The machine is easy to operate and seems to do a good job. The result is not quite as pleasing to my taste, but is still attractive. For future projects it will probably become my primary method of assembly while the hand stitched logbooks will be reserved for special occasions.

With Saint Patrick's Day just around the corner I expect to be including related Whinings in my next few postings, meanwhile it seems appropriate to close with a limerick, so I have composed this one which relates to my own life.

There is a certain letterboxer from Berea,
Who fell in love of with a girl in Eritria.
He asked, Will You be Mine?
She replied, Suits Me Fine!
Been Four decades and still a Great Idea.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive work on the coptic stitch logbooks. Thanks for posting a photo. -- Lone R