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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strange Strongsville Super

Yesterday, having taken the easy course by spending a second night there after the Buckeye Chuck event, I woke up in "the middle of nowhere" AKA as Marion Ohio.

I enjoyed the motel's breakfast offerings, followed by a long soak in their hot tub, before packing up and heading toward home. I even looked for another drive by box in the area on my way back. I found the location, but again the snow kept me from getting to the box.

Arriving back home in late afternoon I unpacked, sorted out, and relished a good afternoon "quite time" nap. After a quick dinner out with Donna I started sorting through all of the stamps that I had collected at the meet while she went to a Church Board meeting. With exchanges, personal travelers, event stamps, hitch hikers, traditional stamps, bonus boxes, and etc. it turned out that there were 45 of them altogether. Finally after getting everything posted on Atlas Quest it was into bed. The LbNA site does not list many of these boxes so I have quit trying to keep it up to date, but I need to get my personal log pages updated.

Early this morning the phone rang waking me up. It was annoying to me, but a YAHOO!! moment for Donna. Her employer, Strongsville City Schools, was calling to announce that the schools will be closed today due to weather. I must say that I am amazed at how strangely the school superintendent in Strongsville is reacting to weather conditions this year. A few weeks ago we had an almost historic storm. While every other school district within miles closed down he kept schools open. Now with only a few inches he closed them down and you guessed it.... they are the only district closed in the entire area.

Now it is a little after six a.m., awake and unable to get back to sleep, I will take the opportunity to work on my logbook page, some "honey-dos", and plan for Valentines Day.

Several years back I was off on the big lovers day and Donna was working. I planned and prepared a very extensive special surprise dinner for her... of course she loved it. The following year the dinner was repeated with a different menu, new decorations, and more gifts. Now it has taken on a life of it's own. Each year brings the search for a new variation. Now lacking the stamina to produce anything extravagant, I no longer try to outdo the prior years. It has become difficult to come up with something new that she will enjoy, but the romance is still in it, and I still enjoy doing it for her as a expression of love. It is worth it... It's planning time. Any suggestions will be gratefully considered, just leave a comment or email me.

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