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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Packzi, Turkey, and Frozen Letterboxes

Sunday while we were at church some local letterboxers came by to try and score on the two boxes hidden on my property. The "Nest" covering them over was frozen to the ground and they were concerned about breaking it, so they left them for another time. I broke it loose with a shovel in case they return or someone else gives it a try. Of course it will be frozen in place again if the hot and cold cycles we have been having continue. I am sorry that they were unsuccessful.

It has remained too cold to do much of anything outside so this week has been devoted primarily to filing my taxes, and cooking. Monday I fixed a Pork Roast and Yesterday, using a new recipe from Penzeys, I prepared what turned out to be a very large batch of yummy and meaty chili. As stated previously, I am a foodie. I absolutely love preparing, learning about, and especially eating great food, and like eating almost any food. I have had to stop baking except for bread and special occasion cookies because I was getting too fat.

The Cleveland area has a large population with roots in Poland. In their culture the traditional food baked to clear the fats and sweets from the pantry prior to lent was a type of filled donuts called (spelling varies) "Packzi". Now yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Needing a few ingredients for the chili, yesterday's agenda included a quick trip to the market. Everyplace you looked in the store there were piles of boxes containing Packzi. The mind is strong but the spirit is week... The Devil made me do it!!

We love smoked turkey. About two weeks ago on a warm day I smoked a breast, but it did not last very long. We always make soup from the carcass, that too was delicious, but we gave most of it away to a sick friend. This morning it was finally warm enough to fire up the smoker again so I have had a turkey (less the wings and legs), in there for several hours now. The technique that I use is to marinate it in brine made from apple cider, smoke it for three or four hours, then finish it in the oven. Turkey is on the menu for tonight!!

I guess that I just like celebrating holidays. Several years back, for reasons that I don't recall, I began to collect recipes, facts, jokes, sayings. activities, and trivia about St. Patrick's day. Next on my "To Do" list is getting things together for that event. A stamp needs to be carved for my seasonal box, I need to settle on a theme for here, and I will review my file of recipes and activities.

With luck I also hope to squeeze in some time to get out and do some letterboxing this week or next.

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