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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marge in her Coop and Conniving Cupid.

Well all of you letterboxers living near Cleveland's Southwest side now have a new adventure. After weeks of suffering from cabin fever and banging your head against the walls, it has finally thawed out and I was able to place the cache containing "Marjorie's Nest". She is still a few feet from her final destination but close enough that you should be able to locate her by following the very easy puzzle found on her clue page. The chicken coup where she is sitting will also be used for additional seasonal letterboxes. Her current room mate, "Berea Bart", is very late getting out due to the weather. I will probably replace Bart in a few weeks.

Valentine's day is such a great time to let romance bloom in your relationship. A few years ago I discovered how much fun it is to plan romantic surprises for Donna, my long time wife and only lover. To start the week off she received a personalized candy jar full of Hershey's Kisses. Then came a box containing one of her favorite perfumes. There is more coming as we go off Friday Night on a four day (three night) romance getaway weekend.

But today cupid arranged a very special surprise that should spread the romance bug among her colleagues at work. I had a nice bouquet of white lilies and red roses delivered to her at work this morning. This delivery also included a teddy bear, some chocolate truffles, and a valentine heart balloon.

The purpose was two fold. First and foremost it was to give her additional love gifts. But secondly, All of the staff and most of the kids at the elementary school where she works are aware of this delivery by now. When asked about it she will relate the details of how she is pampered each Valentine's Day. Now if any staff member ignores the occasion and their squeeze learns of this, it will probably mean that trouble is brewing. Some of the kids will also relate the story at home. I had them delivered today so that she could enjoy them in the presence of her co-workers and to give them extra time to abate their guilt or fear by making hasty plans of their own.

Of course this was conniving, I love playing the cupid role and suspect that as a result of today's delivery there will be a dramatic increase this coming Saturday in the number of happy spouses and lovers among her co-workers. Guys tell me that they hate me when I do this but, I don't think that they are serious.

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Unknown said...

Great job, Dad! And I'm sure the weekend is going well too! Love you!