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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you hear the Queen purring?

Yesterday we returned home after our long Valentines Day weekend outing. Most of the planning played out very well resulting in a very pleasing and relaxing experience. The arranged destination was a hotel located at the Chautauqua Institute in New York. We arrived late Friday night and discovered that the hotel's owner had done her best to minimize the enjoyment of our weekend. I will not go into the whole story here, but take my advice you do not want to stay at the Spencer Hotel. I have submitted reviews at appropriate places on line and will pursue my complaint further through the BBB and various state agencies. We have traveled the world and experienced situations that you would not believe. Consequently we did not find it difficult to simply overlook these disappointments and preceded to have a good time in spite of her.

Getting up Saturday morning we had a very nice breakfast at 9, then Donna had a facial, manicure, lunch, and massage, which took nearly all day. Except for hiding more gifts and candy around the room for her to discover I just relaxed while she was out. Dinner had been arranged for 6:15 at Mac Duff's, a highly rated restaurant in nearby Jamestown. The quality of both the food and service at dinner was very disappointing... far below the quality expected from a facility with their reputation. Again we managed to overlook it and have a good time. However, two disappointing episodes in a single weekend was a bit more that I like to deal with.

Sunday morning we again enjoyed our 9am breakfast then went to church. After church Donna again enjoyed the Spa. This time she had a pedicure. Dinner was at Andriaccio's a very good Italian Restaurant which is practically across the street from the main gate.

Then Monday it was another wonderful breakfast. The Spencer does serve good food, and except for the owner herself, the staff members are all very pleasant and accommodating. Then we packed up and headed home. We arrived back around 2 p.m.

Overall it was a nice quite, relaxing, and romantic weekend. Donna tells me that I made her feel like a queen. I think I could hear her purring!!

No letterboxing, but I think I have a good idea for a new stamp for next Valentine's Day.

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