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Monday, January 26, 2009

Bluedog Birthday

Over the weekend Donna and I drove to Toledo to enjoy a birthday celebration for our Grandson who has, despite his propensity to challenge both his surroundings and his parents patience, managed to survive until his second birthday without serious injury. Maxwell loves dogs and the theme of the party was planned to be dogs.

Among other attention getting habits Maxwell is a budding artist who, after decorating his home with permanent markers, was instructed to never again write on doors, floors, walls, appliances, and etc. Also all markers were removed from his reach.

Ten days before his birthday he found a marker that had somehow been overlooked, then searched diligently for a new surface to express himself on. As if to accentuate the selected birthday theme, the art canvas he finally selected to use was the hide of Missy, his beloved and on so patient pooch.

His mom then published a plea on her blog for advise on eradicating these creative markings. She included a picture of the dog. Those who saw it quickly told others. Knowledge of her posting spread exponentially. Although prior to that her blog had a decent following, she now started to get hits from all over the world. In the following week the hit count quickly increased by over 6000.

Now world famous as the creator of the "Blue Dog" max's Birthday decorations were modified slightly to incorporate his new found fame. The markings on Missy's coat have faded a bit but are still clearly viable. His instructions for where he may draw/mark have been simplified to only on paper.

It was a very nice party which we enjoyed very much. I have developed a sincere appreciation for Family gatherings. They are very important to me. This goes beyond pure enjoyment, I fell a real need for more family time.

In the morning Donna, my spouse, goes in for surgery on her right eye. The left one was worked on early in the month and went very well. We are anticipating a repeat of that positive experience. Tomorrow we will be driving to the surgery center in a snow storm. Please pray that we have safe travel and God will guide the doctors hands.

I expect to be whining more about Groundhog day later today or tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the blue dog story. And for helping make Max's birthday so warm and loving.

Miss you already. Good luck tomorrow with mom!!!

Gene said...

Glad you both could come and that you had a good time!!!! Tell Donna I hope all goes well tomorrow. Take care. Dot