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Friday, January 2, 2009

Berea Letterboxs, Birthday, and 2008

After three weeks of saturation with Holiday events and activities, I was able to settle back and find the time yesterday to work on my letterboxing. I sorted things out, ordered some supplies, and worked on several of my new Berea boxes. I have my work table all set up back in my home office and I have transferred several of the images which I want to use to some PZ Kut. I also worked on creating additional logbooks and drafting some clues. Hopefully they will be ready to plant soon then we will wait for a break in the weather.

Many of my readers may be aware that a number of Ohio Letterboxers, and a few guests, began a 6 month long weight loss contest just before Thanksgiving. Everyone started off well and most made it through Thanksgiving dinner, through "Grabbing a quick bite" while out shopping, and even through Christmas dinner with reasonably good success. However judging from the moans that I have been hearing all of that leisure time from Christmas until now has been hard on most of us. I have had the same problem which has been further aggravated by having a Birthday to celebrate, or at my age to endure is probably more appropriate. However, we have done will up until now, and next week we should be back into the routine.

The year end is of course a time of reflection. I am always tempted to contemplate and evaluate the past in a sober manner so I was pleased to discover this bit of lighthearted and irreverent political satire recently on U tube.

But back to a serious note consider this. In the October 20, 1996, issue of Parade magazine, Dr. Billy Graham was asked by reporter Colin Greer, "How would you most like to be remembered?" Graham paused for a moment, then said, "That I was faithful to do what God wanted me to do. That I maintained integrity in every area of my life, and that I lived what I preached."

When asked if he had any regrets, Graham replied, "I would have spent more time with each of my children. Also, I would have studied more." This man, who has been a friend of presidents and preached to more than 200 million people in live audience settings, is not really much different in his wants and regrets than most of us. For Dr. Graham, the journey is nearing an end, but for many, there is time to make the changes we know we need to make. In order to finish well and have few regrets, we must daily evaluate every aspect of our lives and see if we like the answers we get.

Here are some questions you may wish to ask yourself today:

  1. How much time do I spend each day with my kids?
  2. Am I careless in matters of morality and integrity?
  3. Do I practice what I preach?
  4. Do I have any regrets?

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