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Thursday, January 8, 2009

All's Quite on the Home Front

Yes it has been a quite week here. We are getting settled back down into a routine. Donna is back to work. The special events culminated with one last Birthday Dinner hosted by Donna and two of our children that live locally. It was also pleasant to answer my cell phone to find Paton, my 5 year old grandson, calling to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa, AKA "Papa Bear".

Since then the week has been mostly sorting out the Christmas and Birthday loot... Discarding or recycling the old, finding places for the new, and getting stuff generally organized and put away.

I have carved three new letterboxing stamps ("It's a Lou Lou", "Puffer Belly", and "On the Rocks") to add to my Berea series, and I have three more of them ready to carve. Also I have been putting together logbooks. While I have tried several ways of binding and covering them, I still haven't found a method that I am crazy about.

I have also been planning and preparing to raise tomatoes, peppers, and herbs indoors this winter as well as acquiring supplies for my spring garden.

Donna's doctor has decided that it is finally time for removal of her cataracts that have been forming for several years. That should help her to see clearly again making life easier at her teaching jojb and improve her night vision. The doctor will also do a lens replacement which he thinks may be able to correct her vision totally. She has worn glasses since long before we meet. If he can pull that off it will take some getting used to. Very early tomorrow morning we will go in for surgery on one eye. The plan is that she should be back to work Monday. I hope and pray that it works out that simply then she can have the other eye done in a few weeks.

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