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Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving on

I have decided to make minor modifications to the Blog theme to reflect that Christmas is over and the New Year will soon arrive. I have changed only the top banner and the background picture as I expect to switch to a new winter theme in a week or so. I hope that you enjoy these small changes.

Well it is true, sadly Christmas is over for another year. I have enjoyed it but I need a rest and I suppose a change of pace. Last Friday afternoon The family began arriving at our home to enjoy a time together. I managed to finish my Christmas cookies before they arrived so felt satisfied that I had done my part. Things finally got underway about 5:00 p.m. with the grand kids opening their gifts, then we ate, and all settled down for opening of stockings and gifts. At some point the young ones were shuffled off to bed. We visited late into the night then more on Saturday. Sunday morning the inevitable departures commenced leaving only Donna and I here last night. We had some great family time, but I really allowed myself to be seduced by the good food, cookies, and other treats. I ended up putting on over a pound last week... not good for my heart. Of course we also had a Cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

A new brightly illuminated magnifier (mounted on a heavy base with a flexible arm) was included among my Christmas loot as well as a cushy chair for my computer desk, so now I can park at the computer longer without tiring and I can see better when carving stamps. This week I expect to be working on several letterbox projects that had taken a back seat to other maters during the holidays. I had reports of some of my letterboxes being found over the weekend as the weather set a record high Saturday and people had leisure time.

Donna, as a public school teacher, is working at home this week. Some people really believe that teachers have a lot of time off not realizing that they spend many "Off" hours planing, preparing, reviewing, grading, and recording information. In that respect her task as a Special Education teacher is particular demanding as she must plan for the needs of each individual student, not for one class as a whole.

Of course we also have to insure that the New Year arrives in the proper style. Donna and I have seldom made any effort to "Party" in the New Year and we have no plans that would make this year any exception. We will probably attend a New Years Eve church service, then come home and putz around 'till midnight.

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Unknown said...

It was a great time with you. And the cookies were great!!