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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yes it is Christmas! This year Christmas has been a special time of reflection for me. I have been somewhat philosophical, but perhaps in a melancholy way. I think that it is because of the latest round of discoveries about my health. I feel very vulnerable and perhaps a little depressed.

At any rate I have been thinking a lot about past Christmases and trying to maximize this one. We spent last weekend with my Daughter near Detroit. There we enjoyed the Family Christmas celebration at her church. It was a very unusual production. We enjoyed it, and our enjoyment was enhanced by the part that our Grandson played. He had the only speaking part in the nursery through kindergarten age group, and he did a marvelous job during both services. I know that I am a somewhat biased proud grandpa, but I don't think anyone would argue otherwise. We arrived late Friday Night and stayed until noon Monday, It was fun family time.

Our entire family group will coverage on our home Friday Night for our Christmas celebration.

This morning, Christmas Day, I awoke at about 4:30 and have been unable to get back to sleep. In thinking on the true meaning of Christmas, and of our celebrations of it down over the years, the thing that seems prominent in my mind today is the Manger. We have kept a nativity set in the house for many years and recently added an outdoor one. This year it had not been put up because I could not climb up and retrieve it from it's high closet shelf. Yesterday we finally did manage to get it out and setup with the help of my eldest son. It is a "Precious Moments" set which we have added onto with many extra pieces. It just would not have been Christmas without it. A few years back when my son-in-law's family put up their yard Nativity set, Payton our grandson in common, adamantly insisted that Baby Jesus needed a bail of straw to help keep him warm... Grandpa Gene complied!

Letterboxing took a backseat again this week. This time to cookie baking as I have experienced a compulsion to bake as I had in years past. We went to church last night so I still have some to finish today. I am wearing myself out but I am loving it.

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Unknown said...

All your cookies were worth the hard work. We've enjoyed our time with you this weekend.