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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bunged Up

The Special Education teachers at the school where Donna works planned to provide lunch on Wednesday as their Christmas Gift for all of the staff. Donna asked me to pick up two party trays on Tuesday as her contribution. By coincidence Travel'n Turtle, one of the more accomplished letterboxers in our area, reported Monday night that her seasonal boxes had been changed for Christmas. So Tuesday morning it was off to the wholesale club to get party trays and assorted other things, then I stopped by and acquired her new letterboxes. Her stamps are amazing and I always enjoy finding a new one. So that was a fun day as I made the spouse happy by running an errand for her, and also got in some letterboxing, both on a rainy day without getting very wet.

Earlier I related how Christmas went the first year that I knew Donna and how we were married the following July. The next December found me in route to Vietnam. We returned to her home town, Columbus Ohio, a week or so before the holiday. Christmas morning was spent there, then midday we were off to Seattle to enjoy sharing our Christmas with my parents. We had not realized that we had been so wrapped up with each other that we had neglected to tell our families very much of anything about or new mates. Apparently there had been considerable unstated misgivings by each of our families about the nature of that special person we had encountered and married in Africa, but it all worked out well.

Thinking about that Christmas I recalled a moment of Humor that we shared. Although I was born in Indiana, I was raised primarily on the West Coast. My family lived in the Seattle area during the last 6 or 7 years before I joined the army. Donna was raised in the Columbus area and had spent most of her life in the Midwest. The first time that I can recall the cultural differences between the two areas becoming apparent to me was during a walk on the beach after Christmas but before I left for Vietnam. Dad had lent us his car in order to give us time alone together. I had driven to Whidbey Island which is one of my favorite spots in Western Washington. We had enjoyed the drive with it's spectacular views and then we had stopped for a romantic stroll along a lonely strip of beach. I spotted an unusual piece of driftwood, picked it up, and examined it. It was a hardwood plug perhaps 6 inches long and tapering from a diameter of around 5 inches at one end down to about 3 inches at the other. Although it had been eroded by the surf so that the grain of the wood was prominent, white paint that had been used to seal it was still clearly visible on the large end. I concluded that it was a bung from a ship or a cask. She asked what it was and I told her. She then asked, "what do you do with a bung", to which I responded in a mater of fact manner "You put it in a Bunghole!". As she rolled on the beach in laughter I came to realize that in her Midwestern upbringing a bunghole had an entirely different meaning than that with which I was familiar.

The last few days have found me searching the Internet for a few Christmas presents. I think I am done, but I am probably wrong about that! :o)

I am really looking forward to next week when we are on the final leg of the Christmas countdown. Donna and I will be off to visit with Ellisa in order to enjoy Payton's part in a Christmas children's pageant and then we will return to all of those last minute tasks. We both tend to procrastinate and usually put off our wrapping until we are down to the wire.


Unknown said...

I love that "bung" story. The only "bunghole" I know is the one Bam used to refer to!!

Gene said...

How neat to hear of your early life together. Take care Dot

Christine said...

That is hilarious - "bunghole". I would have been rolling on the beach laughing as well.