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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Donna and I paid a visit to my cardiologist yesterday. The good news is that the stress test did not indicate any new blockages, so angioplasty and or bypasses are not options at this time. The bad news is that my heart is getting weaker and I am carrying too much fluid in my system, especially in the pericardium. The plan of attack at present is to adjust my diet and medications, working at reducing the amount of weight and water that my body is carrying. All strenuous activity is prohibited, so exercise is very limited making it more difficult to lose weight. Also it is necessary for me to return to a low sodium diet, these things will challenge my self discipline. The ugly, sooner or later, probably in a few years, a heart transplant will probably be the last remaining option.

Yeah, no Hospital stay in the near future!! I have always know that someday I would die, and have suspected for several years that it will be my heart that does me in. Perhaps now I have a better idea of the time frame. As I quipped to me Pastor last week when my time comes I am ready, but I am not in a hurry to go so I don't want to rush things.

The new box we planted Tuesday has been found several times already.

I did get out letterboxing today but didn't do very well only finding one box. This may be the last nice day for awhile so it was a good day to be out.

Tomorrow may be a stay at home day, I have several more boxes in progress so I may work on them if I can't get out.

Tonight the Brown's are starting Brady Quinn, perhaps that will help them to make it into the postseason.

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