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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Family Time

Friday the weather was pretty nice so I was able to get to one letterbox. The box that I went for, Pam's Pumpkin, was close by and was to be pulled after Halloween so I wanted to get it while I still had the chance.

Friday afternoon was the time to pick up odd and ends then do prep for the trip to Detroit. We actually got away pretty early, but got stuck in a snarl of detours in downtown Detroit. By the time we got settled in the motel it was after nine and I was fried.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit then we were off to watch Payton's last soccer game of the year. The game went well and I felt Payton did a good job, but I don't know much about soccer and it is possible that I may be a bit prejudiced. After the game we went to Ellisa's house and hung out until evening. It was nice being able to just interact with the boys. We went out for dinner at a Max & Erma's located in one of those new distributed shopping center areas - a mall without a roof like we used to have everywhere. New is old and old is new. It was a nice area with lots of things for the women to spend money on plus a few guy toys stores thrown into the mix. We had a good dinner and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was getting late by the time we finished dinner, but Ellisa still brought the boys to the motel for a dip in the pool before calling it a night.

Sunday we met at her church. The mission group was having a Pasta Dinner as a fund raiser so we grabbed dinners for our crew and took it back to Ellisa's house. Then we hung out some more (I grabbed a nap) and eventually had to head back home. It was a nice time "doing family", I'm glad that we went.

Yesterday I finished putting together "Berea - The Grindstone City", my first letterbox to be planted near home. Donna was off from work today as the schools were closed for election day. She went with me to plant the box, then she was off to whittle down her task list. After we planted it I located two other local boxes leaving my long suffering hitchhiker "Love & Peace" in one of them. This may be the last good Fall day I have to be out, I enjoyed it. A short while after we went separate ways Donna's muffler fell off, so by the time it was fixed she was unable to get everything done on her list. Tonight she is at a church board meeting

Tomorrow morning it is off to see the Doctor - joy joy. I still dread what he will have to say. Pray for me.