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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cold, Damp Days

I think our short "Indian Summer' is over. Yesterday I saw that a new letterbox had been planted nearby and thought I might get out and find it. I did not want to go for just one box so I checked for others close to it. The ones that seemed most available were a box that I had failed to find the first time, and a mystery box for which I was still trying to decipher the clues. I only had part of the information needed to complete the clues for the mystery box, but after an hour or so of study I was able to piece together a probable location. Then off I went, about the time that I arrived to look for the first box the storm front came in, the temperature dropped sharply and it was raining.

Rather than returning home I stopped and did some grocery shopping first. There is nothing like food to cheer me up when I am down so I cruised the isles looking for promises of gastronomic ecstasy. By the time I got home and unpacked all of my food finds the day was shot.

I have not been sleeping well. Last night was no exception, I awoke, then had trouble getting tack to sleep, then slept in this morning. When I did get going Donna was off to meet her sister for lunch, the rain had stopped and it was about 5o degrees out. Rather than stay home alone I again went out to do try my selected boxes. I could not get to the new box due to hills and wetlands that were beyond the ability of my scooter and/or I. We may try it again when the weather is nice. I found the box that I missed previously and the really fantastic mystery box. The mystery box, which is probably the nicest box that I have found yet, also guided me to two bonus boxes.

It was really a good boxing day picking up four boxes without straying far from the car. Even though it has been cold it is still nice to be in the woods in the fall observing and enjoying all of the tricks God can play with the trees and shrubs. Just one more reason to be happy that I am still alive.

It's almost 7 pm, Donna just got home from visiting and shopping, and my Son Jason is bringing pizza over, so we will now settle down for a night at home.

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