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Monday, October 20, 2008

Trees, Letterboxes, Food, and Caring

The last few days have been interesting and different. Donna has had an unusual amount of time off so we have done more together. I needed the extra love and attention, and we sort of got a glimpse of what it will be like when she retires. Wednesday morning she went in late and worked late as it is parent - teacher conference time. We just hung out in the morning. She knew that I was worried about my stress test and tried to just be there. When she went to work I met the lead pastor of our church, Pastor Dan, for a long lunch. He wanted to chat and pray with me before the test, and it is pastor appreciation month so I wanted to treat him to lunch. That worked out well. I then scooted off to pick up a couple of letterboxes... to stay busy more than anything else. One of these "Cardinals Don't Migrate" turned out to be among the nicest of those that I have found to date and I do enjoy being out in the fall weather with the leaves turning. Plus I did not know that they don't migrate.

Thursday morning at the crack of dawn I was off to start the tests. It takes five or six hours to finish the whole thing. They did not find anything that constituted and emergency so they let me leave. The tests will be processed in the normal manner, I should hear the results in a day or two. I still expect that at a minimum they will want to do a "Roto Rooter" job on me. I was totally exhausted after the tests, but knowing that I had 99 boxes I felt compelled to break 100 before I became laid up in the hospital again. I ran off and picked up two easy ones in the same location then came home and crashed. That night we shopped at Marc's the local discount grocery store, and just enjoyed the time together.

Friday was similar a run to Sam's club for printer cartridges, Halloween candy, and few meat items followed by an nice dinner out.

On Saturday we went out to Holden Arboretum, which is about an hour east of us. There we took a walking tour (I used my scooter) which covered about a mile of trail. Again we had a great time out in the brisk fall air and checking out the various trees. It was interesting to see all of the variations in how the changing seasons had affected them. Our youngest son, Damon, has a girl that he has been spending a lot of time with who lives near where we were. Figuring that he was getting to know that area pretty well, we called him for advice on where to have dinner. He recommended a small family run Italian place which proved excellent.

Church and the ball games rounded out our weekend. The Buckeyes won and the Browns lost, no surprises there. Ohio State will be in for a real challange next week playing against un-defeated Penn State. It has been a very pleasent and laidback week which I have enjoyed dispite the fact that I am still pensive about the tests.

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Unknown said...

We're praying for those test results and the diagnosis made.

More great boxes, Dad! We got a few this past weekend ourselves. Nothing fabulous, but the boys had fun none the less.

Thanks for all the updates! XO