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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Melted Cakes, Letterboxers, and Hitchhikers

Last week when I went after the six new "Making Baby Happy" letterboxes. I was onto them by noon, but even then two other boxers had been there ahead of me. As I was returning to the start point I saw a young women headed my way reading directions from a sheet of printer paper. As she came along side I saw a LBNA patch on her backpack. I informed her that she would be number four to finish the series - only the last box contained a logbook, so you don't know until you found the last box. We chatted a little about letterboxing then we went on our separate ways. This is the first time that I have knowingly come across another letterboxer while on the trail and she related the same experience. It was nice to have run into you "Buckeye Bulldog". It is common practice for letterboxers to exchange "Personal Tarveler Stamps" when they meet. I guess I better come up with one soon.

I also stopped off to get a nearby stamp this week as I drove past it's home while out running errands. I was lucky to locate a Hitchhiker waiting there also. Coincidentally this hitchhiker "Something Positive: Murr!" is the second one in a row that I have found which had been originated by Celtic Quinn.

Donna just took her birthday Ice cream cake out of the freezer to have a piece. It had melted badly and collapsed to half of it's original height when left in the fridge overnight. It looks a bit ugly but she still ate a piece saying that with the ice crystals that had formed it was more like homemade ice cream. She likes the coffee (Mocha) flavor so I think she will finish the whole thing. Oh well, If she likes it ....!

Ellisa had gotten her a fire pit for Mother's Day but it arrived very late. The kids set it up while they were here and we sat around the fire Saturday Night cooking and eating somemores until everyone had there fill. We haven't done anything like that for a long time. She really seemed to enjoy it. See Ellisa's Blog for Pics and more on the weekend.


Unknown said...

Great stamps!
And "let her eat cake!"
AND, we had a great time around that firepit. Maybe you could make a small fire for the two of you tonight. Mom would love that!

Unknown said...

I like the new color scheme!