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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet the Texans

Here I sit wondering what happened to the last week. It seems as though I have done nothing. Thinking back I had to spend one day at home waiting for the cable guy and another waiting for an envelope to be delivered. The weather has been cold and wet which also tends to keep me in. But what have I done while here? I am also still waiting for the results of my stress test, it doesn't look like I will hear anything until my appointment on November 5th. I am still thinking that he will recommend another angioplasty and more stents at best.

I did spend a lot of time on selecting and editing images which I might use as the basis for carving new letterboxing stamps. I also re-carved my signature stamp this, the 3rd attempt at it, is better now that I have learned more about technique and have had a teensy-weensy bit of practice. I then carved a "personal traveler" which is basically a letterbox that you carry with you to share with others on the trail or at events. Finally I made a logbook for my new personal traveler "What's Up", a play on words for this blog - Up From the Top as in "Top Sergeant" i.e., First Sergeant or 1SG.

Yesterday Donna went to a wedding and reception for one of her co-workers. I passed on that, instead I escorted my new stamps to "Meet the Texans", my first ever letterboxing event. It was held in Hartville, Ohio about 10 miles SE of Akron at "The Hartville Kitchen" a huge restaurant with great Amish inspired food served as individual meals not family or buffet style. I tried the fried chicken (white meat) which turned out to be two very tasty breast halves along with three sides and rolls.

A little after 1:00p.m. when it looked as though nearly everyone had gathered we were seated in the dinning room. At that point we had nearly twenty adults and children sitting around the table inking and stamping with more joining in later. It was great fun and the food, although very good and not overly expensive, was the last priority for us. I suspect that the whole staff heard about all of those adults with their "Crayons and coloring books" who were hardly eating and letting their food get cold.

After awhile it became apparent the no one was near done. With a ton of folks waiting to be seated the staff seemed to be getting pretty antsy about us holding down all of those tables. It was proposed that we migrate to the local library a mile or two away... so we did. Someone quipped that this may have been the first progressive letterboxing event.

We continued with our ink'n and stamp'n at the library until they closed at 5:00 p.m. The bonus was that there is a letterbox at the library which was soon retrieved and added to our collection. One of the boxers present "Snapdragon" reads Ellisa's "Not So Simple" blog regularly. The requirement that I had stipulated for getting my personal traveler was to tell me the name of My (this) blog. She came here, looked and saw that I also list Ellisa's blog among my favorites. She told me of the "coincidence", I laughed as I informed her that Ellisa was my daughter. It was good for a chuckle. Several others seemed to enjoy the story of meeting my "Shrink" on the trail. After leaving the Library most of the group went on to do some nearby letterboxing. I was getting too tired to be out on the trail at twilight on a cold day so I headed for home. There were several cameras there so pictures are starting to appear on Atlas Quest already.

I had a fantastic time with friendly people, made my first exchanges, and collected several personal travelers. Now I will have to rework my logbook site. I loved every minute of it and I am anxious to do this again.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time dad! Sorry I missed it.

Christine said...

That sounds like an awesome event! I have been meaning to get around to starting this adventure with my girls, but just don't even know where to start! Keep having fun, searching and seeking!