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Friday, October 31, 2008

Autumn letterboxing

Here it is Friday and I have been cooped up in the house all week except for a few short trips to the store. The weather has been cold, wet, and windy so I am staying warm. One day, Monday I think, I tried to get out on the letterboxing trail, but didn't get more than a few feet from the car. Today is expected to be a bit nicer, perhaps I can get out for at least one box. I really would like to have been out as the trees are at their fall peak. They have some very nice color now even though it is diminished by the lack of full sunlight.

I am also anxious over my cardiology tests. I have an appointment with the doctor Wednesday so I should know something by then.

As a result of being pinned in I have been doing a little catching up on this and that, but mostly following internet link trails to find images that fit with ideas I have for new boxes. Now if you have ever done that you know how quickly the time flies as you drift off into uncharted areas of cyberspace.

I did capture some cute possibilities. I carved a second "Trail Only" personal traveler which I have, due to lack of creativity, named "First Sergeant". I also carved the stamp for the first traditional box that I will be planting near home. and have organized things for another box or two in our "Topsail Treasure" series.

This weekend we are off to visit with Ellisa's family near Detroit. It's been awhile since we have been able to spend time with them and the kids are growing so fast... we are really looking forward to the visit. Payton's last soccer game of the year is scheduled for tomorrow. We missed seeing any of his T-Ball games and this is the last chance for Soccer. They live too far away. Our normal routine for tonight (Halloween) is to don costumes and sit out front in lawn chairs passing out candy to the trick-or-treat crowd. I fire up the portable gas picnic grill and cook hot dogs for Donna and I to eat, we really enjoy doing that. Occasionally, for nostalgia's sake, I will toss a few leaves on the fire to smell them burn. However, I think going to visit with family sound like even more fun.

Next week I hope to make the logbook, to finish creating, and to plant my new "Berea" letterbox.

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Unknown said...

We're excited to see you! See you in a few hours. <3