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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Birthday - Chinese Dinner and Ice cream cake.

Well we had a great family time this last weekend. Donna had a birthday recently and No. 2 son, Jason, has one in about a week. Those who could converged on our abode for the weekend to celebrate these events. Three of our kids, and our two grandchildren, along with Donna's sister and her hubby arrived for a Chinese carry out dinner on Saturday. My daughter and her two boys were here most of the weekend. We also did Bob Evan's for brunch on Sunday morning.

It was very pleasant to be able to spend time with family. We did the usual cake and presents. Donna can't exist without her coffee and she is into Dairy Queen ice cream cakes so I ordered a mocha one. When Damon put it away he stuck it into the fridge instead of the freezer. We didn't discover it until the next day so the remains are a bit of a blob.

I didn't get much else memorable done this week just routine stuff. Ohio State won again at football and the Browns had the week off. Baseball season is over for Cleveland and I have no favorites for the World Series.

I did get in a little letterboxing, just picking up some loose odds and ends, along with a new series of 6 with a mystery bonus box, that was just planted last week. By reviewing clues and then refining maps I discovered that there are two more boxes that are very close to the new six. Too little too late, more loose ends.


Unknown said...

Great to see you! We had a great time!

Gene said...

Larry: Looks like you all had a great time! Love the pics. Dot