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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall, First Finders, Hitchhikers, and Hearts

Yesterday morning I found that I could not sleep so I got up around 5:00 am and messed around on the computer. I found a notice in my mail of a new letterbox and decided to go after it along with several others that are close to it at first light.

I did not get out that early but I was the first one to the box arriving about 8:15. I then worked several others in the area. While riding down a winding path in search of one of these I saw a man along with his two young kids coming my direction, then I realized it was my "shrink" who I haven't seen in several weeks. It seems that he lives very near where we were. He knows of my letterboxing interest and guessed what I was up to. Would you believe we made an appointment right there on the trail.

Later after returning home, and while doing the housekeeping choirs associated with yesterdays finds, I discovered that another new box had popped up so I added it to my list of boxes to attempt. By that time I was totally pooped out. I decided to lay down and was out cold. When I woke up I realized that I needed to get dinner ready ASAP so threw together a Chefs Salad. I should have called my Daughter and wished her a Happy Anniversary, but did not get to it until She called me about something else a couple of hours latter. Sorry Honey!

I seem to be having trouble functioning normally right now. I think it is anxiety over a impending Cardiac Stress Test Thursday Morning. I know that I get short of breath with even small amounts of excretion, so I suspect that I am in for another angioplasty and more stints... I hate hospitals and don't know how many more rounds of this my body will tolerate. Fret and worry!!

This morning I was out on the trail at sunup again trying to be the first finder and to stay busy. I found the other new box and a few others. Staying out keeps my mind occupied, I am getting exercise, having fun with the boxes, and enjoying the starts of fall. There was a hitchhiker in one of these boxes so I have found 11 new boxes and a hitchhiker in the last two days, not to shabby. My travel scooter has had a workout during these two days. I lave learned that a couple of other letter boxers who were hot after the new box yesterday morning had seen me on the trail.

Last night after dinner I settled down prepared to be disappointed by the Cleveland Browns again but it did not happen that way. I was shocked by there great performance. Do you suppose that they might actually have a good year?

I have not selected a team to cheer on in the world series, but I was not disappointed that the Phillie's won last night. It seems ironic that the Cleveland Indians got rid of Charlie Manual, but that a couple of years later he is leading his team towards a league championship.

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