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Monday, September 29, 2008

Slider, Baskets, Roadrunner and Fall Weddings

I'm catching flack for not posting so here is an update:

Yesterday was Donna's Birthday. This week she had a girls night out there they gave her some gifts including a "Slider" cap. I took her out for her favorite meal i.e., all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster. She went to a Longaberger basket party hosted by one of her retired teaching colleagues who presented her with a gift, and she got together with her sister for lunch and a chat. Next Saturday the kids, and her sister are getting together here for a Birthday dinner. Finally after months of hounding her, she gave me a couple of gift "suggestions" last night... a bit late but whatever. So I have been running around today to arrange for her desires. I figure she will also want Indians game tickets again this year.

Speaking of the Indians, they finally came alive after most of the season was over and played the spoiler role very well winning most of there last few games. The Browns actually beat Cincinnati. Ohio State won but not by enough to change there standing very much. All in all a very good week for Ohio sports fans. Pro basketball starts soon but we don't really follow the Cavaliers.

I spent a good bit of several days out letterboxing. The first day I found two in Brunswick that I had been unable to get to before as I ran out of time. The second outing I went for three boxes, two of them were missing and the 3rd I didn't figure out.

Saturday, after a doctor's appointment Donna went to lunch with her sister, Meanwhile I provided communications support for the Akron Roadrunner Marathon. After that I drove home and discovered that a series of 8 new boxes, "Fall Wedding at the Falls", had just been posted in Olmsted Falls which is no more that five miles from my home. They are in a city park along the river. I had been in a few small portions of this park in the past and decided to give it a try. As it turned out the search required navigating some stairs and a little rock climbing, but the return trip was a much more gentle slope. I came home satisfied but very tired.

So it has been a good week for family, sports, letterboxing, and a bit of civic action.

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Unknown said...

Well, since you've been so busy, I'll excuse your not updating the blog. But thanks for filling me in!!
I'm looking forward to our visit this coming weekend. Love you!