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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hercules, Fairy Tales, and Politics

The question of the day is: What do Greek/Roman Gods, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Politicians have in common besides the rather obvious allusion to fables?

My last job before retiring was with the TSA - Homeland Security. For a period lasting about 6 month this included the duty of traveling to Youngstown Regional Airport several times a week. This is a rather large field used by an Air National Guard unit which operates C-130 Hercules aircraft. The C-130 has been the mainstay of Military air transportation for many years. There is a small private presence on the East side of the Field where "Winner Aviation" flies some ancient turbo props on charter junkets several times a week. A few executive jets are also housed there.

On Sunday I received a message offering me VIP tickets to a McCain rally that would be held in the Winner Hanger on Tuesday. If you have read my "Gods Janitor" blog and my profile you know that I tend to hold very conservative views. Over the years I have frequently not been enthralled with Sen. McCain's position. I am not a fan of his and he was not my pick for the nomination. On the other hand I am also skeptical of Sen. Obama's "Changes". So I took them up on the invite, got my ticket, and drove out to listen to McCain & Palin. I was able to get a first row location at the right front corner of the platform. I think that they have may have won me over. I did get Sarah's autograph.

Now I did not want to pass up a chance to letterbox so I ran a search for some in that area and found that a C-130 stamp rests in a Vienna, OH (Pronounced with a long I "V-eye-enna") cemetery just a few miles from the rally site. It is about a 75 minute trip one way, so I left home about 10:30 worked the letterbox, then arrived at the rally site a little before 1 p.m.

On Monday I had also been able to make my search for those mystery boxes I talked about earlier. I was able to locate 2 of the main boxes and all three bonus boxes. These are a series titled "Fairy Tale Trail" and they are very pretty stamps.

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Unknown said...

Great boxes, yet again. I'm so glad you're finding so much joy in this hobby!!!!