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Monday, September 8, 2008

Drowning a Hitchhiker

Saturday my daughter drove down from North of Detroit just to spend a day shopping and getting a massage with her mother... Those ladies LOVE to do both!

That left me with little to do except run a few errands - which I did. Then I went out to find 4 nearby letterboxes (The Cleveland's Pride series) which I had been saving for a day with lots of time and good, mild weather as they are scattered over several miles of trail. I parked, got out my trusty scooter, and was off. It was a pretty trail which distracted me so much that due to inattentiveness I had a bit of trouble finding the first box. What I discovered was a pouch made from camouflage duct tape with a flap to cover the top. The flap was open and the pouch was standing upright in it's appointed place. The result was an uncalibrated rain gauge.

Upon removing the contents I discovered that it was not closed because someone had placed a hitchhiker (Sweet Treats: Candy Hearts) in the bottom of the pouch which did not leave enough room for it to seal properly. To make it worse the baggy containing the hitchhikers log book was also not sealed well resulting a a very damp logbook. I stamped the Hitchhiker into the box (It had not been done when it was left). I then put it in my bag to take it home and render first aid. After doing my own stamping, I was off to the the next box. This set of four boxes had very nice stamps, good clues, and the trail (actually a bridle path) was pleasant.

I have been able to dry out the hitchhikers logbook. Some of the stamps bled a little but all are still legible. The pages will always have a distinct curl to them. Fortunately we had not had much rain and the logbook pages are made from card stock. They were pretty easy to separate so they could be dried without sticking together. When I reassembled the book I found that whoever placed it had also not stamped the box into the log... It's too late for me to correct that omission. I will send this rehabilitated Hitchhiker on it's way soon.

I don't understand why anyone would leave this cute little HH where there was not room for it and to also not stamp it in properly. I suppose that, as with any other human endeavor, we will always have some who are slothful, careless, and inconsiderate. Fortunately I was able to save it's life. Soon I will find it a proper new home.

It was a very nice day for me, in addition to visiting briefly with my little girl as she came and went, I was able to acquire 5 new stamps in four great boxes.

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