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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Changes to our routine

The downstairs bathroom remodeling is completed. Although I did not want to have it done at this time, It is certainly an improvement. It is nice to have two baths again so that we do not have a morning free for all.

This has been a week of changes to our routine. Donna is now back to full time teaching at a nearby elementary school. She is a L D teacher and thrives on working with the kids and watching them develop skills, but age is catching up with her body. She has arthritis, two bad knees, and failing vision. I think this will be her last year.

We enjoyed the Labor Day weekend but did nothing really worth talking about except an Indians game Monday night. This week the weather started out too hot for me to want to be outside. Donna is trying to use up the last of her Indians ticket opportunities for the year and exchanged tickets for Tuesday night also. I did not want to go again so she went with a friend from school. We also had tickets for a day game last Wednesday but couldn't use them.

Wednesday was a nice day so I did get out and found 3 letterboxes. Thursday I was a bit under the weather. Yesterday it was cool but rainy, I did manage to find two boxes without getting totally soaked.

So it was not a bad week and we are getting settled into a new routine.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

New routine is good. You'll both settle in just fine!

By the way, I was thinking. Maybe you should take your new scooter out and take Quinny for a walk! It'd be a good pace for her and you'd get out of the house more!